Mark Waldoch

(Milwaukee )
Genre: Indie Rock

Hey you ! I know you’re there so Thanks for reading. I’m Mark Waldoch, a Milwaukee musician person for a while now. I’m here to, and am very excited to introduce LoDuca to you! Comprised of old band mates and now lifelong friends they are giving Cactus Club’s Digital Dream their very first performance EVER. Timeless catchy songwriting is always at the forefront of a temperate pace . Complementary two -part harmonies in patience melody and lush synth low end with live instrumentation, Crist, Jess & Charlie write my favorite kinds of songs. I’ve always cherished their work. In fact I perform and record their songs to prove it ! I’ll be doing a short set to open the show . Please join us!!!

Last updated on February 19th, 2021 at 07:56 pm