Model Citizen

Genre: Garage Rock

Matt Patton and Mike Gaut formed Model Citizen just as their beloved Alabama punk scene was
being overtaken by an onslaught of cookie-cutter melodic hardcore bands at the tail end of the
1990s. Neither of these young men had any formal music education; they were not athletic, nor
had either of them experienced anything that could possibly be construed as “a metal phase”.
Instead, they bonded over a love of The Who and other punkish prototypes, as well as a
propensity for getting loud. Very, very loud.
Gaut went on to drum for Chattanooga, TN’s brother-fronted rock unit Bohannons. Patton joined
up on bass with Alabama’s Dexateen’s and currently holds down the low end with Athens’, GA’s
Drive-By Truckers. Model Citizen has reunited with bassist Craig Gates, a member of the band’s
most solid mid-2000s lineup. The addition of keys player and fellow Drive-By Trucker Jay
Gonzales on the new record, Live At Dial Back Sound, brings the band closer to the sound the
trio originally envisioned. The band expects to make all new music in the not-so-distant future.

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