Ocean Child

Genre: Indie Rock

The music emanating from 19-year old Chicago-based musician, Marco Landaverde, pulls from his childhood musical influences and his intimate journey through introspection- – and the result is a nostalgic amalgamation of indie and 60’s rock. His first single, Pink Lemonade, with its wide and fluttery guitar riff, turned many heads as it debuted on his Soundcloud page. In 2019, Landaverde published his debut EP, How To Keep Someone From Disappearing under the pseudonym, ‘Ocean Child’. Since then, Landaverde has added new band members: Hyra Witter (drums), CJ Belen (guitar), Ellie Belen (guitar), and Julian Brookfield (bass) to help bring his music to life. Together, they continue to perform onstage at various Chicago venues and have been been steadily recording and producing new material

Last updated on July 4th, 2022 at 01:43 pm