(Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk

There’s no such thing as taking it easy when it comes to Oddysseys. The Chicago-based duo, led by Christian Treon and Paul DiRico, has always operated under a strong DIY ethos and work ethic. The band has forged their own organic growth in the underground music scene, leaving their impression on basements, warehouses, and legendary venues across the U.S. and Canada, offering dynamic performances that take their audience on a journey through a sonically diverse discography – leaving plenty of room for moshers, dancers, and arm-crossers alike.

The band waits for no one and takes matters into their own hands, typically writing, recording, booking, and promoting their vision themselves. With comparisons made to the likes of The Cure, New Order, and The Stone Roses, Oddysseys is post-punk at its finest, with a sound that traverses genres and pushes boundaries established by the innovators of the late 70’s movement. A working-class band through and through, Oddysseys are a multimedia force that is determined to plow forward, delivering their music as the most genuine and authentic versions of themselves.

Their latest single, Enough, is the band’s first release since June of 2022. “Enough” ushers in the band’s next era and paves the path for a hyper-productive 2023, as they are set to release their next single May 1st and announce two upcoming North American tours.

Last updated on May 10th, 2023 at 02:26 pm