(Austin, TX)
Genre: Pop

p1nkstar™ (ur fav electr0nic pop superstar!!) creates a world far removed from this dimensions binaries through music and conceptual shows mixing saccharine beats with subversive lyrics, tiaras with ball gags, and body hair with hypnotic ponytails. Merging hyperpop with neo-perreo and club, she has been described as “early Aughts Paris Hilton on Hello Kitty steroids” by The Austin Chronicle, who recently crowned her as their Queer Pop Princess. In her live performances p1nkstar affectionately delivers pure pop performance, mixing witty vocals with electronic beats and video interludes with choreographed numbers and back-up dancers. Since her performance debut in late 2016, p1nkstar has shared bills with Charli XCX, Crystal Waters, The Ladies of LCD Soundsystem, Alok V. Menon, Dorian Electra, JD Samson, OSHUN, and Sateen.

p1nkstar released her debut EP “Number 1 Hits!” March 6 2020, featuring five songs produced in collaboration with Mr.Kitty, Ben Aqua & Boy Sim. Bringing her Latinx roots to the increasingly popular hyperpop genre, p1nkstar lays out a bilingual story that touches on the complexities of her queer, trans and immigrant identities in our hyper-mediated digital world. The EP consists of futuristic beats and highly-processed vocals in which p1nkstar renders and invites her listeners into a queer futurity she envisions.

Since moving from Mexico in 2014, p1nkstar has rapidly become an emblematic figure in the Texas nightlife scene by opening inclusive spaces that center that work of queer and trans artists of color in a city that is rapidly becoming whiter and straighter. p1nkstar has received two Best of Austin awards for her space-making work in the arts and nightlife & has been presented as the future of nightlife by The Austin Chronicle.