(Lincoln, Nebraska)
Genre: Electronic

‘PROBLEMS new album “THIS IS WORKING OUT” (Orange Milk Records), which is full of PROBLEMS trademark 4 on the floor beats and wild, intense synth work is a celebration of my newfound self love and attention to self care. My name is Darren Keen, I’ve been doing solo computer music since 2003 (The Show is the Rainbow / Touch People). After years of constant touring and paying very little attention to my physical or mental wellbeing, I’m finally, slowly, learning to take care of myself. I’ll take a green tea please. Musically I’m making the wildest, most fun stuff I’ve ever made, and I’m having a blast playing live and starting parties everywhere I go. Dance Clubs. House Shows. Bars. Whatever. I just like to play loud and for people to have fun. I write lots of songs about pekingese dogs and will genuinely enjoy seeing pics of your dog on your phone while I’m running the merch booth. I wanna dj the afterparty.’

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 05:29 pm