Quiet Confidence

Genre: Alt-Pop
QUIET CONFIDENCE is a Louisville local setting out to make waves in the alt-pop scene.
The project was born during the uncertain time of the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020. What was just demos created by Ryan Lane, to stay sane as a frontline worker during the pandemic, sparked a need to keep on moving forward. A drive to create a thought- provoking act above and beyond the mundane. Some would describe his sound as “if Ed Sheeran hung out with The Chainsmokers”. Ryan previously fronted the Milwaukee-based pop- punk outfit, North Breese where they saw local success with a Top 10 Milwaukee album, radio airplay, and opened for such acts as The Chainsmokers, Chance the Rapper, and Nelly.
“I started writing songs during quarantine when I just started my first big boy job in a hospital a month before Covid. I found that extra time in my apartment alone to be peaceful, introspective and started playing/experimenting with the idea of writing songs as a quasi solo act. I remember thinking “will I actually get to ever play in front of people” and that both scared me and motivated me to write songs. Writing these songs settled racing worrisome thoughts in a big way for me. During an anxiety filled last few years, my goal is to share a little QUIET CONFIDENCE with the next listener in these uncertain times.”
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