Reflection of Flesh

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Metal

Reflection of Flesh is a three-piece brutal metal band with a wide range of musical influences. This has produced a unique sound driven by a devastating rhythm section, overlaid with infections guitar grooves, and dark, heavy vocals. The band formed in Walker’s Point, Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2017 and immediately began placing their mark in Midwest before expanding. The band has released (1) full length, (2) EPs, and a handful of singles since its inception, and another full length album which will be released in early 2024. They have toured extensively following the release of their 2021 EP “Parasitic,” including two national headlining tours, as well as a six week national tour, with bands Battlecross, Necronomicon (Canada), The Convalescence, The Breathing Process, Alukah, Wor and Blood of Angels. Between the three tours in eight months during 2021-2022, the band covered over 60 shows and 27,000 miles. Reflection of Flesh proudly endorses Scorpion Percussion, Centent Cymbals USA, No Nuts Percussion, Dirtbag Clothing, InTune Guitar Picks Inc., DR Strings, MGBass Guitars and Emperor Cabinets.

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