Ryan Davis

(Jeffersonville, IN)
Genre: Country, Folk, Indie

After more than fifteen years of music released on labels like Feeding Tube, Load Records, Astral Spirits, Bruit Direct Disques, Petty Bunco, All Gone, and others (including, if not primarily, his very own Sophomore Lounge imprint) as/alongside such outfits as State Champion, Tropical Trash, Equipment Pointed Ankh, Roadhouse, and others, “Dancing On The Edge” — a seven song, 53 minute basement folk opus — is the first collection of material released under Kentuckiana-based visual artist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Ryan Davis’ birth name.

The tunes on the album range from bare-boned, achingly crooned avant-honky tonk tales to jovial, full-band excursions into long-form experimental country-tinged rock modes. Continuing in the tradition of the TVZs, Terry Allens, Souled Americans, and DC Bermans before him, this 2xLP reimagines the exceedingly dated archetype of modern day “indie troubadour” music and the inherent trappings therein.

Davis’ solo debut is a dense collection of Americana-Noir that navigates a familiar yet alternate reality, one of enchanted mundanity and uniquely mid-southern introspection. Simultaneously anti-social and outwardly inviting, free of cynicism yet slightly steeped in paranoia, “Dancing On The Edge” is as delicately choreographed and emotionally connective as it is, at times, absurd.

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