Squared Off

Genre: Punk

Squared Off is a 4-piece street punk band hailing from Chicago. These guys bring out some of punk’s forgotten ideals of brotherhood, pride, a voice to fight for your rights, and the words of the working class. Squared Off ‘s music gives you the sense of kinship with the understanding of the struggles of society today.

For over 26 years SO has been in the punk rock scene through the Midwest, Eastern Coast and Southern part of the US. SO can be seen playing in large national venues or the local dive bar where they have been writing, recording, traveling and performing with some of all kinds of subculture genres and all type of bands.  

With the latest line-up with Hoser – Guitar-vocals, Nomi – Bass-vocals, Tony – Guitar-vocals and Fabian – Drums, the group have recently recorded and produced a 5 song EP on vinyl titled, “We the People and a full-length record “Glory Days”. SO is constantly ready to deliver music that is themed for the common person and those who do not have a voice. Working Class and the oppressed unite!

Last updated on June 19th, 2022 at 11:12 am