Sunday Cruise

(Elgin, IL)
Genre: Indie Rock

Sunday Cruise is an Indie/emo band from Elgin, IL. Comprised of Zoe (vox, guitar), Cassidy (bass), Levi (drums), and Camden (lead guitar). Their first self titled EP was released in 2018. In 2019 the group released a few singles including “Sunflower” followed by “Falling” and “Friday night”. After a slight hiatus the current group was formed and wrote their first full length album “Am I Pretty?” (2020). This coming of age album deals with the reality of the hardships and insecurities that many teens may face today, whether it be wanting to meet someone else’s expectations, sexuality, relationships, or the struggle with mental health and constant feelings of loneliness. This somber tone is met with upbeat pop punk instrumentals to depict the way we mask these struggles from our peers. follow @sundaycruiseband on insta. merch link in the bio !

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