Tavi “Unx Ugly” Climaco

Genre: Visual Artist
Tavi aka Unx Ugly is a self taught, non-binary, Latinx artist born and raised in Milwaukee. They currently are a digital artist that has also dabbled a bit in making earrings.
Their art is very personal to them, as it reflects their emotions/anything they are going through at that time. Their art and what they create in general is a part of not only their existence but their lively hood. Without art they’re not sure where’d they’d be.
Currently they stay in California with their family, on occasion visiting home to MKE because at times they miss the city they have grown to love/is a part of them. You can find them there usually doodling while Tangled or Frozen plays in the background.
Last updated on June 15th, 2021 at 07:43 pm