The Astronomers

(Fond Du Lac)
Genre: Pop

The Astronomers; Michael Stensland [lead vocals], Ben Baker [producer], Ike Holzmann
[bass player], and Josh Guy [drummer] produce a dynamic, energy-filled performance,
headlining venues including Titletown Green Bay and The Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin
to 500+ attendees.

Comprised of Fond du Lac Wisconsin natives, The Astronomers challenge the alt-pop
space with their synthesis of unconventional elements in each track. “Their discography is
unlike [anything] you’ve heard of” – Tongue Tied Magazine, July 2021.

The bands lead single “Overthinking” off their sophomore EP “Guess It’s Just
Life” received substantial play on Wisconsin radio including 101.1 WIXX, reaching #1 on
top nine at 9. The project boasts roaring brass sections akin to AJR, punchy vocals of
QUINN XCII, and the sentiment of Jon Bellion.

“Bad Type” the first single off their upcoming project released in November 2021, grossed
3M+ views on TikTok, and is in full rotation on 3 radio stations across the nation including
WIXX, peaking at #5. “Hotel Rooms”, released February 16th is in full rotation on 4 radio
stations across the nation and is currently #22 on WIXX.

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