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Sun 06/04/17

BarWork 2 feat: prettygirlhatemachine / Taiyamo Denku(CyphaDen) / November Criminals / Rich P. / Neu Dae / Jahmarri Deal

CyphaDen Music & Hecatomb Present BARWORK 2

Doors Open at 9 Pm

5$ Door Cover

featuring this months Special Guest

PrettyGirlHateMachine ( Des Moines, Iowa )
Lets get to know them…..

prettygirlhatemachine is an independent hip hop group that hails from Des Moines, Iowa. It was born in 2005 to the then only member of the group, Toby Diligent. After going on an indefinite hiatus from his original crew, High Kaliber, Toby intended to redefine himself as an artist. He made a few songs under this new moniker. Realizing that he wasn’t wanting to, or perhaps wasn’t ready to take on this new project as a solo artist, he quickly recruited fellow Des Moines east side emcee, D Average in early 2006. The two of them clicked immediately as friends, and as artists. They began hanging out, and creating all of the time. This was short-lived however. Before the duo had created enough material to release a worthy album, D Average moved to California to join the Navy in the fall of 2006.
After this happened both artists got caught up with other aspects of their lives, and were pretty inactive for the next two years. Fast forward to late 2008. D Average returns to visit his homeland, and the two emcees link up once again. During Average’s trip home, and in the coming months after, the duo created what came to be their first album. It was a 12 track effort produced by D Average, and written by Average and Diligent. While creating the record, the artists started talking about performing live, and agreed that they needed to recruit a DJ to join the crew. Enter Joey Fresh. Joey Fresh, AKA J-Fresh, was a long time friend of Diligent’s, and had started DJing 3 or 4 years prior. Seemed to be the perfect fit, so he was asked to join and gladly accepted. The ensemble is now complete.

Also Performing at Barwork 2 is …..

Taiyamo Denku ( Milwaukee WI , CyphaDen )
November Criminals ( Milwaukee , WI / Polka Hip Hop )
Rich P. ( Milwaukee WI )
Neu Dae ( Madison , WI )
Jahmarri Deal ( Milwaukee , WI )

Sounds Held down by CyphaDen Music

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