CC Presents @ X-Ray Arcade

This event is hosted by Cactus Club, but at an off-site location.

CC Presents: BIG|BRAVE • Spiritual Poison – Live at X-Ray Arcade

Thu 08/08/24
All Ages
$17 ADV // $20 DOS

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(Montreal, Québec)
Genre: Experimental, Folk, Garage Rock

BIG|BRAVE’s music has been described as massive minimalism. Their fusillades of textural distortion and feedback emphasize their music’s frayed edges as much as its all-encompassing weight. The potency of the trio’s work is their singular artistry combining elements of traditional folk techniques and a modern deconstruction of guitar music. Gain, feedback, and amplitude are essential to A Chaos Of Flowers, an album that builds on their ferocious 2023 album nature morte. Lyrically, the songs explore the most vulnerable of human experiences, how marginalizations manifest internally and externally, the inner struggles of isolation, and co-existence in nature. A Chaos of Flowers draws on catharsis and beauty as well as the quagmire of disorientation and othering. The album is a monument of simultaneous serenity and disquiet, a subtle maelstrom of internal life.

Spiritual Poison

Genre: Alternative, Drone, Psych

Akin to opening a portal beyond this mortal coil, music beckons us to step into other mindsets, realities, and worlds. In the same fashion, Spiritual Poison entices listeners to dive deeper via its cinematic drone punctuated by dynamics of jarring heaviness, numbing feedback, and unexpected melodic reprieve. As the vision of vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Ethan McCarthy, this sound instantly captivates on Spiritual Poison’s 2023 debut, Incorporeal.