Clayton • MeloCHLD • Duwayne • DJ Casey

Fri 01/13/23

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(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Soul

Clayton is a Milwaukee based vocalist that sets himself apart from his contemporaries with his full, lush harmonies and sweet-sounding vocals. Using influences from artists such as Frank Ocean, D’Angelo, Chris Brown, and many other artists; Clayton has found himself setting into his own, unique sound. Clayton is reinventing the outlook on any imagination of a typical R&B song by using aspects deriving from classical music, including the use of stacked harmonies and adlibs with smooth transitions led by theatrical vocals. His music brings beauty to moments like messy arguments and loneliness, makes you hungry for the moments that foster growth, and make you thirsty for the deep colors it brings to your mind’s eye.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Milwaukee born musician and songwriter, Duwayne, presents a style of musicianship that blurs the line between vintage melodic expression and the novelty of computer generated music by use of a frequent combination of both real instrumentation and computer-based instruments. Though only recognized by few for his personal music, Duwayne has become a recognizable figure within the Milwaukee music scene without having an accessible catalog on streaming services by performing small acoustic shows accompanied by only his guitar. The Multiinstrumentalist has also performed as a drummer for other Milwaukee acts. Duwayne combines moving melodies with intricate rhythmic syncopation to create his freeform songs. Using a philosophy he coined “Eccentric Esotericism” Duwayne supplements his instrumental grooves with lyrics that are both ideal for the easy listener and the deep diver.


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

MeloCHLD, the “mellow child” is a Milwaukee based vocalist that aims to capture listeners’ ears with his catchy melodies and smooth-toned voice. Influenced by many artists, having grown into his own, passionate sound, MeloCHLD looks to showcase music that is an art form capable of bringing people together.