Fend • Anita Velveeta • Bugsy • The Living Johnsons

Fri 06/21/24

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(Minneapolis, MN)
Genre: Pop

Bugsy is an indie pop quartet with flowery flourishes and emo highlights. Strong suits include harmonies vocal and instrumental counter play but not exclusive too. They are fond of animals and are based in Minneapolis.

The Living Johnsons

(Milwaukee, Wi)
Genre: Noise Rock, Pop, Punk

Milwaukees premier noise pop band, “The Living Johnsons,” consists of Roe Geib, Paige Dulski, and Sabrina Borg. Their music toys with the dichotomy between pop vocals/melodies and harsh, experimental instrumentals with fuzzy bass tones and heavily distorted guitars.

Anita Velveeta

(Minneapolis, MN)
Genre: Emo

Anita Velveeta is a DIY musician from Minneapolis music making various types of music ranging from emo to breakcore to country and beyond. In 2023 she released 3 full length albums and her 2024 is filled with touring across the US and Canada