Flooding • Interlay • Garden Home • Spoy

Mon 04/10/23

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(Lawrence, KS)
Genre: Indie Rock

Flooding is a rock band from Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing inspiration from the classics of several ’90s niches — indie, noise rock, slowcore, shoegaze, space rock — the trio released their self-titled debut LP in 2021. Apparent in the album is each member’s intuitive writing and playing; calculated or unhinged, whichever the song calls for. Rose, Cole, and Zach make up one of their Great Plains college town’s most promising acts since its ’90s emo heyday.


(Madison, WI)
Genre: Punk

Madison-based post punk outfit Interlay formed after members Indigo Smith-Oles (guitar), Alex Kaiser (drums), and Alexandria Ortgiesen (vocals and guitar) met at a house show in early 2018. Interlay cites Slint, Weed, and Sonic Youth as their primary influences, guiding how the group treats elements of grunge, noise, and goth rock to complete their unique dissonant, angular sound.

Garden Home

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk


(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Metal

“Spoy is a noisy alternative metal band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin that on their debut LP “From The Three” deliver a delirious, winding cacophony of rock and metal sounds, calls, and ravings. From lushly hypnotic chiming guitars over lyrical bass licks and drum grooves to avalanches of warm, synchronistic melodies cascading over aptly driving rhythms. Spoy has jagged grooves, heartfelt tonality, and precise weightiness all the while retaining a ripe sense of humor.”