Gloin • Fellow Kinsman • The Cult Of Lip

Tue 03/28/23
$12 ADV // $15 DOS

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(Toronto, Canada)
Genre: Psych

Gloin is a four-piece noise rock group from Toronto, Canada, known for their cathartic live sets and eclectic songwriting. Through bombastic rhythmic constructs, savvy arrangements and fervid melodies, their music spreads much like a tidal wave, positively and thoroughly flooding bystanding eardrums, the result of sheer entropic force harnessed through a “wall-of-sound Maelstrom” (Exclaim!) that is all at once jagged and sinuous. This sonic raz-de-marée reached new dizzying heights on debut album, We Found This, released on October 21st, 2022 via Mothland.

For their first full-length, Gloin elected to print their waves at Soleil Sound and Palace Recording, working alongside up-and-coming studio wizard Dylan Frankland of Tallies, later turning to Canadian music visionary Graham Walsh (Holy Fuck, METZ, Alvvays, etc.) for the mix. Mastering duties were the affair of Gavin Gardiner at All Day Coconut. Firmly entrenched within Toronto’s effervescent alternative music scene, both the process and the result speak volumes as to the city’s knack for bringing innovative leftfield music to new shores. Along its deep fluid grooves and patented “noise pop” envolées, the record tackles bewilderment, dread and anger, while also overflowing with a punk-like sense of self-determination. Moreso, it celebrates the quartet’s genuine love for beautifully dissident art.

Fellow Kinsman

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock

Fellow Kinsman is an Alternative/ Surf Rock project formed by multi-instrumentalist Nate Kinsman. Ever evolving out of Milwaukee, WI. From parking-lot mayhem to the downtown disco. Soap Oprah heartaches and clammy hand ballroom dancing. There is no telling what will come next. You can go listen to their new record ‘Where Were You’ out on all platforms. Follow on all media to see what’s next!

The Cult of Lip

(Madison, WI)
Genre: Psych