Hello Death • Sbowe (EP Release!) • Pleasure Thief • DJ Gramma Matrix

Fri 12/09/22

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Show Lineup

Hello Death

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Americana

Milwaukee group Hello Death walks the edge of the folk genre with heart wrenching cinematic compositions. Now performing as a five piece with the addition of percussionist Adam Krause, they’ve leaned into some heavier material employing elements of drone and psych rock, without forgoing the beautiful harmonies of three vocalists sharing the spotlight.

Milwaukee Record writes, “Moody folk outfit Hello Death excels at sparse, haunting music that works its way into your bones like a winter chill. Made up of members of Altos (Marielle Allschwang, Nathaniel Heuer, Shawn Stephany, Erin Wolf), the group doesn’t so much perform folk music as suggest it; Allschwang’s gorgeously airy alto, Heuer’s Nick Cave-esque baritone, and the group’s stripped-down instrumentation combine to form a sound that seems to pre-date music itself.”


(Acri, Italy)
Genre: Experimental

Cello magic from Calabria/formerly known as Uncle Valentine.

Pleasure Thief

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Experimental

Best known for her virtuosic and soulful vocal work in groups like No/No, Cat Ries normally brings a dark, soulful and occultist approach to elctro-R&B jams to her project Pleasure Thief. However, Cthonios finds Ries in a more meditative mode, droning out ambient sounds with barely there vocals mixed deep within the crevices of these two tracks. Deeply spiritual and cleansing. Let the sound wash over you as your mind wanders.