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Fri 04/29/16
$5 ($10 suggested donation)

Hip-Hop Hates Cancer w/SAFS CREW, KLASSIK, Automatic, Pharaoh Mac & DMT

The Hip-Hop Hates… benefit concert is back for one last show – Hip-Hop Hates…V: Hip-Hop Hates Cancer. We are raising money for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin’s oncology department and more specifically kids that are suffering from terminal cancer, and their families, in an attempt to help them better enjoy the time they have left together.

We have a great line up for you, the cover charge is only $5 (though we suggest a $10 donation), and 100% of the door is going to the charity! Jank One of WMSE 91.7FM and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel‘s Those Hip Hop Guys and JC Poppe are hosting the event.

DJ Andrew *Optimist* is the official DJ of the evening and he’ll be spinning only the dopest music known to man!

WMSE 91.7FM, OnMilwaukee, and the Shepherd Express are sponsoring the event because they hate cancer too!

Tell a friend and tell that friend to tell a friend and let’s pack the Cactus Club!

Media and sponsorship requests should be emailed to poppedigital@gmail.com and your inquiry will be responded to ASAP.



When SAFS was founded in 2008, Blizz McFly's goal was to create a crew of talented, unique emcees and Producers from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to represent real hip-hop in a way that was both true to tradition and groundbreaking, both underground and mainstream. He joined forces with Sunny Daze and AG the Ruler, as well as Crux Holmes and Cornell Nickz. Later on, he added Direc, and through him met Dukalion, Scolly Onassis, Seismic, and RTystic in 2009. Producer/ emcee extrordinaire Klassik was later added to the fold, as well as Andre Colbert, Mammyth, BlanQ, and eventually the talented Producer/Artist GREAT was blessed into the crew. With the addition of two young, talented MC's on the rise Deb.On.Air and Kooley, SAFS was complete with a roster of incredibly gifted lyricist, Artist, and Producers ready to invade the industry overrun with watered-down, secondhand "Pop-Hop".

With their fresh take on the old-school's spirit and fun nature, mixed with a modern take on current social events and a unique perspective on life from a young generations point of view, SAFS Crew's mission is to take Hip-Hop back into the streets AND the stars, exploring multiple worldly sounds and creating timeless music with purpose and meaning. So, join them on The Shuttle as they take hip-hop on an epic, intergalactic trek through the realms of music history! -SAFS-





Pharaoh Mac & DMT

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