King Myles (album release) • Eli $tones • Mo’ City • Mayyh3m

Fri 09/08/23
$10 ADV // $15 DOS

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King Myles

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop
King Myles is an experimental Hip-Hop artist and founding member of the Milwaukee based collective, Hiii Tribe. His signature sound is a blend rooted in golden age rap with an alternative rock influence, simmered over a contemporary flame. After a two year hiatus, Myles is back with his newest album, “Virtual Recluse,” which is his contribution to the human experience in the form of a story that we all share. “Virtual Recluse” dives into seclusion, progress, loss, love and endurance through an emotional journey, as Myles effortlessly slides over every track with his signature flow.

Eli $tones

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop

Consistency, grit, and his self established style has granted Eli $tones a gradual rise to having a notable name in music. Following the drop of his debut EP, “Elsewhere” in 2016, $tones has proved himself to be Milwaukee’s golden child. His genius in the use of melody, lyrical transparency, and ear for instrumentation shows his passion for the craft, and determination to not be left out of the conversation when discussing great musical artists of this generation.

What is it like to grow up in search of identity while learning to love yourself and others? $tones conquers just that through torturous ballads of day-to-day life’s endless turmoil and the solace of love.