Local screening: Ape Girl

Mon 01/27/20

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Doors @ 6:30 • screening at 7 • filmmaker in attendance

Cris Siqueira is a filmmaker and co-owner of Lion’s Tooth, an upcoming bookstore, and a graphic novel subscription program based in Milwaukee. Ape Girl, is Siqueira’s first radically independent feature-length documentary. The film traces the history of Monga or Ape Girl, a sideshow attraction in Brazil where the spectators watch the performer transform into a gorilla. The film also highlights other American sideshow performers and includes a mesmerizing score.

“It’s a dizzying, globe-trotting affair that spends time with Brazilian carnival owners, American showmen, and, of course, past and present “girl-to-gorilla” women.”
-Milwaukee Record
“This is a story of endangered collective memory in a rapidly transforming world, dying traditions in face of new moral codes, and the effects of the technological revolution on popular entertainment, it is at once a deeply personal movie and a universal tale of stubborn resilience and defiance of major cultural transformations.”
-Cris Siqueira (interview with Milwaukee Record)


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Cris Siqueira