Milwaukee Underground Film Festival Promo Screening

Sun 03/26/23
All Ages

Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

MUFF 2023 Promo Screening
Doors 6pm, Screening 7pm
Free, All ages
Q+A to follow

Screening Program:

Dark Drive by Kyen Ditzenberger (nominated by the Events & Hospitality Committee)

The Innocence of Ignorance by Max Behnke (nominated by Steve Wetzel)

Another Me by Robert Mercer (nominated by Laura Harrison)

We Were Wrecks Before We Crashed Into Each Other by Riley Ebner (nominated by the Marketing & Promo Committee)

Hand Me Down by Carolann Cohen Grzybowski (nominated by Grace Mitchell)

Wa Lahum Haya by Beth Al Kindi (nominated by Sofia Theodore-Pierce)

100 Seconds to Midnight by Libbey Kirchner (nominated by Mike Gibisser)

Cuentos Para Niños #2 by Michelle Trujillo (nominated by Portia Cobb)

The Little Prince by Majid Mosa (Nominated by the Tech Committee)