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Sun 01/20/19

Milwaukee Women’s Art Library January Meeting

Join us Sunday January 20th at Cactus Club for a monthly informal conversation to address tactics which will aid in the development of a new art library and archive remembering the work and narratives of women and non-binary artists in Milwaukee. We will also touch upon a few current research threads and the upcoming newsletter launch.

Women operating outside of economic centers are often overlooked not only by the regions which overshadow them, but within their own localities, further distancing the women of future generations from the histories of their own communities. The Milwaukee Women’s Art Library (MWAL) attempts to provide a solution to this issue by developing a library and archive founded on principles of solidarity, difference, and action which will launch in 2020 at the Charles Allis Art Museum. The MWAL will act as a space carved out for the collective remembrance of women and non-binary people of all ethnicities whose actions, work and narratives may otherwise become lost in the ebb and flow of the constantly shifting cultural landscape consider less academic language.

This meeting is open to all women and non-binary identifying people who would like to learn more about the project or get involved in its development. If you can’t make it to this meeting don’t worry, there are many more discussions to come including the next one on February 17th. We are also more than happy to bring up any notes you send us in advance.

Public discussions aren’t your thing? Not a problem. There will be many other ways to participate, from reading groups to pen pal exchanges to archive/library submissions, we have a large evolving program planned which will unfold with your help over the next two years.

Please contact Ashley Janke at jankeashley@gmail.com with any further questions, concerns or inquiries.

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