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Thu 02/25/21

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Background Material by Britany Gunderson (she/her)

Becoming by Ariel Kate Teal (they/she)

Un Mensaje A Mis Padres by Lucio Arellano (he/him)

The Letter by Aster Gilbert (she/they) 


This four-film program looks at ways in which the maker processes a range of experiences. Exploring meditative meanderings in both physical and digital worlds to more diaristic modes of past traumas and letters for a more inclusive future. Although this program touches on heavy topics from complex relationships to sexual trauma, the program is full of rich colors, textures, sincerity, as well as playful and humorous at times. 

 Britany Gunderson’s film, Background Material (2019) offers a look into a mother/daughter relationship analyzed through textile materials and careful consideration of movement within the 16 mm frame. 

In the short film, Becoming (2018), Ariel Teal examines embodying a body after trauma. Blowjobs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and memory are interwoven in an attempt to process and find bodily autonomy. 

Lucio Arellano’s short-form archival film, Un Mensaje A Mis Padres (2018) explores the mercurial nature of personal memory between adolescence and adulthood.

Aster Gilbert’s The Letter (2018) was an experiment inspired by purchasing a VHS-C camcorder at an estate sale for ten bucks. Taking inspiration from her own doom scrolling, anxiety about right-wing mobilization, and frustrations with liberal pop culture analysis. Conception to final cut took 4 days.




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Show Lineup

Moving Image

Genre: Filmmaker

Cactus Club Moving Image series (Moving Image) is an experimental film series presented by the artist-run venue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our vision is to create an environment conducive to critical engagement by showing work that takes risks, challenge norms, and opens conversations by showcasing a wide range of artist-driven independent media.  As a series, we hope to offer a space for the community to engage with film and expanded cinema made by artists from a variety of backgrounds. To keep a flow of new perspectives, the monthly programs will be curated by Cactus Club staff as well as visionary guest programmers.

Britany Gunderson

Genre: Experimental

Britany Gunderson received a BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her practice is often interdisciplinary, creating film and video work that uses material forms such as hand-cut paper, textile fabrics, and celluloid. Exploring ideas of personal non-fiction, her work expands the idea of what a moving image can be. She has screened at venues internationally and received an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival.

Ariel Teal

Genre: Experimental

Ariel Teal is a video artist, activist, and programmer originally from Brooklyn, NY, now residing in Milwaukee, WI. They primarily work in moving image and performance to explore femininity, sexuality, and trauma. They create work with the hope for both personal and collective healing, to address intergenerational trauma, and with the goal of communion. They believe that moving image is a powerful tool for activating change and human connection.

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Aster Gilbert

Genre: Hip-Hop

Aster is a programmer, writer, and filmmaker. Originally from Michigan, she works as the GenreQueer Coordinator at Milwaukee Film. She studied film at Columbia College Chicago and Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Kansas.

Lucio Arellano

Genre: Filmmaker

Lucio Arellano is a filmmaker and visual artist from Rockford, Illinois (currently based in Milwaukee, WI.) who is interested in exploring the non-linear and personal relationships found between the concepts of time, tradition, memory, and family through combinations of expressive digital and analog media.