‘Oh SCOTUS, Up Yours!’ (album release) ft. Vacancy Chain • Photo-Curio • The LOL

Sat 11/12/22
All Ages

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

This show will be a benefit for the Sister Song. On June 24th the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe V. Wade. This decision is a direct assault on an individual’s constitutional right to an abortion and bodily autonomy, as well as a threat to many people’s health and safety. Restricting access does not lower the number of people seeking abortions, rather it forces individuals to seek out risky or unsafe abortion options. For these reasons and others we say, “Oh SCOTUS, Up Yours!”


All proceeds from the sales of this album will be donated to SisterSong, a Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, focused on improving the reproductive rights of marginalized communities.

Show Lineup

Vacancy Chain

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk

Standing at a collective 18’9″, Vacancy Chain plays indie/alt/post-punk/noise rock. Featuring members of The Glacial Speed, La Fea, Hidden Mitten, and New Blind Nationals, Vacancy Chain splits their time between Chicago and Milwaukee. Vacancy Chain likes Italian pop star Adriano Celentano, Cat Stevens, mixing beers, and Wuxia films.


(Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: Indie Rock


Genre: Electronic
The LOL make electronic dance music in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
“Dance music at its most pop-forward, filtering the singing-into-a-hairbrush exuberance of classic Madonna through the half-rapped/all-attitude mentality of Kesha, with a little bit of Beyoncé’s no-nonsense politics thrown in.”
-Shepherd Express
“It’s life-affirming, but it doesn’t put up with anybody’s shit” -Milwaukee Record