*Other Dust* Embodying Your Birth Chart Workshop

Sun 10/01/23
All Ages

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Embodying Your Birth Chart

In this workshop, Kayle will lead participants through how an astrological birth chart relates to the physical sky, our bodies, and the essentials of planets, signs, and houses. Folx will walk away from the workshop with a worksheet and better understanding of their unique birth chart and how to read it. All you need is your birth date, time, and location to participate, if you already have an image of your birth chart, please bring a physical copy! Kayle will discuss birth charts without birth times as well, but a full chart cannot be cast without a time.

Kayle Karbowski (she/they) is a facilitator and creatrix living on the western banks of Lake Michigan. In 2019, she founded Other Dust, a psychospiritual consultancy and technoapothecary focused on developing intuition and reclaiming interdependence in an age of disconnection. A driving force of Kayle’s work is rekindling the relationship between our intellect and intuition, so their practice has many faces. From crafting talismans and potions, as well as working with people through tarot and beyond, Other Dust is a social and personal practice of divination, ritual, tending, and artmaking.

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Other Dust

Other Dust is a Psychospiritual Consultancy and Technoapothecary for flower freaks and extra/hyper-terrestrials run by Kayle Karbowski. Part social practice, part educational opportunity, part apothecary– each offering from Other Dust is inspired by working with dreams, divination, plants, myth, poetics, and somatics to nurture collaboration between our hearts, minds, guts, each other and the world around/in us. Kayle believes creating cosmic connections with our daily rituals reminds us we are all sparkly specks of dust settling onto this water-rock we call home ⭐️🌈🦄