Passion Park Holiday Fundraiser ft. King Myles • Spaidez • Lady Sabo • Juke Marciano • HeyZeus • Mami Zaddy

Fri 12/08/23
Free w/ donation

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait
Free Entry with Donation (Non-perishable Food, Toys, & Cash Accepted)

Show Lineup

King Myles

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Hip-Hop
King Myles is an experimental Hip-Hop artist and founding member of the Milwaukee based collective, Hiii Tribe. His signature sound is a blend rooted in golden age rap with an alternative rock influence, simmered over a contemporary flame. After a two year hiatus, Myles is back with his newest album, “Virtual Recluse,” which is his contribution to the human experience in the form of a story that we all share. “Virtual Recluse” dives into seclusion, progress, loss, love and endurance through an emotional journey, as Myles effortlessly slides over every track with his signature flow.

Lady Sabo

Genre: Hip-Hop

Rising Artist Lady SabO is moving the world one song at a time. Sabo has an incredible gift to create lyrics and melodies that are relatable, unpredictable and enlightening. She effortlessly incorporates remarkable metaphors with a smooth yet hard demeanor. The songs really resonate because they’re heartfelt, straight forward and offer wisdom from her own past experiences.

Mami Zaddy

Genre: Hip-Hop

David Lopez

Genre: Hip-Hop

David Lopez is a Rapper, Producer, Songwriter, & Actor. Living in Milwaukee, WI – but originally from Chicago, IL – the infectious spirit of Lopez really comes alive in his music. In 2015, he founded the production company, Passion Park Entertainment, which has been providing opportunities for local artists since day 1. With every song and live show, the Passion from Lopez is evident.