Pescatarian At Best • Orange Costanza • Socially Suspect • Oh Well, OK

Tue 12/06/22
$10 (no one turned away)

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Show Lineup

Pescatarian at Best

Genre: Indie Rock

Pescatarian at Best is a group of five friends making tunes for the fun of it. Their sound is in the realm of indie rock/post-punk, with lyrics ranging anywhere from talking about putting your dad in the “bad” home to escaping a cult. They eat fish sometimes, and are ethically malicious.

Orange Costanza

Genre: Indie Rock

Three dudes that play garage rock in the basement of a funeral parlor. They’re very strange people. A quiet bunch. Sorta creepy looking. Mike Casey—Guitar/Vocals, Evan Kotlowski—Bass/Vocals, Eddie Smith— Drums/Vocals

Socially Suspect

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Garage Rock

With influences spanning genres including pop punk, grunge, jazz fusion, and progressive rock, Socially Suspect brings a unique brand of alt-rock to the Milwaukee music scene. Socially Suspect’s songs are as diverse as they are catchy. The band’s groovy basslines, grungy vocals, jazz fusion-tinged lead guitars, energetic drums, and anything-goes attitude take listeners on a unique genre-bending journey.

Oh Well, OK

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Indie Rock

Oh Well, Ok is an indie rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Founded in late 2021, the band is reminiscent of the noisy indie bands of the 90’s, and frontman James Markwyn can and will talk to you about Pavement for hours.