Sarnal Key *tape release* • Wandering Nerve • Chelsea Tadeyeske

Fri 12/29/23
All Ages

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Sarnal Key, the solo project of Gosha Ananchev, will be celebrating the release of their new tape PROMISED WORKS – join us for a multigenre event that will feature a full length listen of PROMISED WORKS with video accompaniment, a screening of other SK video-audio work, performances by Wandering Nerve and Chelsea Tadeyeske and guest DJs. Physical copies of the tape will be available for the first time here!

Show Lineup

Sarnal Key

Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental

Sarnal Key is led by Gosha Ananchev, a Russian-born artist with roots in Milwaukee, Columbus, and the Pacific Northwest. SK channels a contemporary digital folk music inspired by new age, dub, house, kosmische, IDM, and spiritual jazz. With a more delicate expressive energy relative to the volume and intensity of Ananchev’s previous work in Absolutely, Outside, Youth Crush, and Dry Wedding, their emotionally psychedelic compositions can conjure forgotten memories and alter the listener’s perception of time, while also embracing the rhythm lineages of the early morning dance-floor come-down. Along with a handful of digital releases, SK has worked with Madison’s Variable Shadows and Brooklyn’s Enamelware to release their full length cassettes, 2020’s playful Haecceity of Spirit and 2021’s introspective Minor Planet Weak Spell. Sarnal Key self-released their most recent tape PROMISED WORKS in late 2023, showcasing a thoughtful attention to rhythm, mood, and texture.

Wandering Nerve

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Ambient, Electronic, Experimental

Wandering Nerve is the solo project of John Larkin. His compositions are created primarily using trumpet, tape loops, voice, and synths, and can sound anywhere from minimalist and neat to blurry and chaotic.

Chelsea Tadeyeske

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Poet

Chelsea Tadeyeske is a poet, performer, and bookmaker from Milwaukee, WI. She is the founding editor of pitymilk press, publishing short-run chapbooks and journals both online and in physical form.

As a writer, she seeks to create work that blurs distinctions within traditional genres, moods, and sensations commonly held as opposites: tragedy and comedy, childhood and sexuality, humor and horror, etc. She finds a steady source of inspiration in the disorientation of mood that feels more in alignment with reality through emotionally vibrant poems and performance–it isn’t uncommon to witness shifting feet, dead-pan stares, shaking arms, deafening silences and eerie laughter.

She delves into raw, commonplace, and somewhat uncomfortable subject matter that’s relatable to many, but often filed away in the recesses of the mind and deemed insignificant–but ultimately not forgotten in the subconscious. Her work strives to dig up the dismissed to make new meaning out of these experiences in order to redefine what has the capacity to be “poetic” or “meaningful”.