Todd Day Wait • Johanna Rose

Wed 09/13/23
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Todd Day Wait

Genre: Americana

Todd Day Wait is a Missouri native with an easy-going, good-humored nature that will have you singing along faster than you know the words. We originally met while I was on a trip to New Orleans, and reconnected at Santa’s Pub in Nashville one Sunday evening. We talked of this and that, drank cheap beers, and had a good time. He even mowed my lawn the next day. That’s Todd’s secret you see; he’s a good guy.” – GemsOnVHS

Johanna Rose

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Americana

Member of Nickel&Rose and B8R; Founder of Riverwest Femme Fest

Johanna Rose releases a 5 track EP, can’t love you from the ground, an American folk-inspired ode to their life in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. 

When the loons leave the lake and the world freezes over, all you’re left with is hard work, hopes and dreams. With these companions, in their little house on the side of the mountain, Rose huddled around the wood stove with their guitar and began drafting the songs in can’t love you from the ground.  Rose explores the heights and gullies of surviving a disparate late capitalist world, in arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. Can’t love you from the ground borrows its name from a lyric in the second song, Carhartt Angel, a blue collar boot stomper about a back breaking job that keeps the lights on for us all. Resonator guitar, upright bass, bowed fiddle, and pedal steel weave their way through can’t love you from the ground while Rose lyrically encapsulates mountain life in a storied folk and country tradition. 

Like the late, great, Blaze Foley, Rose lives in a treehouse, where they wrote and largely recorded the EP. Living in a treehouse is not just a realized childhood dream, but a necessity in a state that, like many, faces a severe housing shortage. Rose started building the treehouse in 2020 when their life as a touring musician with Nickel&Rose came to a screeching halt, but it wasn’t until late 2021 that they braved their first winter in the treehouse and can’t love you from the ground  was unearthed. 


“Anyone who enjoys delving into, as Greil Marcus called it, old weird America, would be well advised to have a listen to this five song EP from Johanna Rose which is rooted in the dirt and air which swirls around the foundations of what we call Americana. The songs sound as old as the hills with resonator guitar and plaintive pedal steel adding to the patina yet they come across as fresh as a daisy.”

– Paul Kerr, Americana UK

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