Unlawful Assembly Fest ‘Vol 2’

Sat 09/24/22 — Sun 09/25/22
All Ages

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Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

6PM Doors Saturday // 7PM Sunday

DAY ONE LINEUP: Armor • Fashion Change • Acaustix • Stunted Youth • Mock Execution • Automated Terror Machine • Molcajete • Cell Dog Imitate • Organ-ism

DAY TWO LINEUP: Protocol • BIB • Ready Armed System • Living World • Save Our Children • Subliminal Excess • Big Laugh • Innuendo

Show Lineup


(Tallahassee, FL)
Genre: Hardcore

Fashion Change

Genre: Hardcore

“…Fashion Change blast out 10 minutes worth of grating intense Negative Approach style hardcore mixed with Flipper-infested groove with a dash of Crossed Out on this tape. Mix it with an almost hypnotic feedback & background hiss that makes it feel like you stumbled across some gross ancient hardcore demo tape made by bad people & you have a most memorable listening experience…”


Genre: Hardcore

Stunted Youth

Genre: Hardcore

Mock Execution

Genre: Hardcore

Automatic Terror Machine

(Appleton, WI)
Genre: Hardcore

Midwest Grind Violence