Unlawful Assembly Fest ‘Vol 2’

Sat 09/24/22 — Sun 09/25/22
All Ages

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Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

6PM Doors Saturday // 7PM Sunday

DAY ONE LINEUP: Armor • Fashion Change • Acaustix • Stunted Youth • Mock Execution • Automated Terror Machine • Molcajete • Cell Dog Imitate • Organ-ism

DAY TWO LINEUP: Protocol • BIB • Ready Armed System • Living World • Save Our Children • Subliminal Excess • Big Laugh • Innuendo

Notice: Proof of vaccination is required for entry into this event. Please show a valid vaccination card, clear photo of card, clear photocopy of card, or your state immunization registry which can be accessed online.

All sales are final. Please take note of our current COVID-19 policy stated across multiple platforms.

Show Lineup


(Tallahassee, FL)
Genre: Hardcore

Fashion Change

Genre: Hardcore

“…Fashion Change blast out 10 minutes worth of grating intense Negative Approach style hardcore mixed with Flipper-infested groove with a dash of Crossed Out on this tape. Mix it with an almost hypnotic feedback & background hiss that makes it feel like you stumbled across some gross ancient hardcore demo tape made by bad people & you have a most memorable listening experience…”


Genre: Hardcore

Stunted Youth

Genre: Hardcore

Mock Execution

Genre: Hardcore

Automatic Terror Machine

(Appleton, WI)
Genre: Hardcore

Midwest Grind Violence