VOID CAMP Nite Two w/ Wavefiler • Apollo Vermouth • Cathedral Becomes Tomb • Almighty Amanitus • Tidal

Sat 12/23/23

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

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Apollo Vermouth

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Ambient, Drone, Experimental


Genre: Electronic

Milwaukee, WI area artist, Wavefiler, uses synthesizer hardware, tape recorders and computer-aided composition methods to create electronic music that is experimental, ambient and sometimes beat-driven. Sonic explorations range from tape-driven textures to repeating and evolving melodic figures. Wavefiler also focuses on developing synthesized sound designs to aid meditation and healing.


Genre: Experimental Rock, Psych

Bathe in the sonic stream that ebbs and flows. Feel the pulse of the tonal tides. Let the vibe carry you out into strange waters. This is tidal, a flow state from the fresh coast.

Almighty Amantius

Genre: Doom Metal, Heavy Psych

During the Covid-19 shutdowns, a few members of Astral Hand wrote a set of music that served as the key to open up the portal of the interstellar deity, Almighty Amantius.  Colossal drums accompanied by droning synthesizers, towering guitars, and roaring vocals paint a bleak picture of doom, helplessness, and fear.