Whiskey and the Devil • Looks Can Kill • Smoke Free Home • Bad Year

Thu 02/23/23
$10 ADV // $12 DOS

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Show Lineup

Smoke Free Home

(Oshkosh, WI)
Genre: Punk
Combining loud, distorted bass riffs, driving punk beats, and raw, witty lyrics, Smoke Free Home slaps audiences with a sweaty, high-energy show unlike any other.
Formed in February 2021, the dance-punk trio jumped into the Oshkosh bar scene, already hocking a freshly recorded 4-track self-titled EP. With a second release on the way, the group plans to hit the new year hard – bringing with them their stubborn DIY mentality and respect for true punk sensibilities.

Looks Can Kill

(Madison, WI)
Genre: Punk

Punk Rock
Darcy Disaster-Bass/Vocals
David SaintHell-Lead Guitar
Gulwing-Rhythm Guitar
Tim 39oz-Drums

Bad Year

(Milwaukee, WI)
Genre: Punk

Midwest Punk Rock from Milwaukee, WI