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Thu 01/17/19
$10 ADV // $12 DOS

Yam Haus • Clear Pioneer • Skyline Sounds

Yam Haus

(Hudson, WI )

Yam Haus, a Minneapolis-based synth-pop/rock band, rocked their way into First Ave in May as a last-minute fill-in opening act for Bishop Briggs in front of a sold out crowd.

As a precursor to their debut album, "Stargazer", Yam has released their instant hit single “West Coast”, which landed a spot in Spotify's "Poptronix" playlist. With the release of "Stargazer" Yam Haus earned over 600,000 streams and 100,000 listeners on Spotify celebrating with a sold out album release show at Amsterdam Bar & Hall.

With a message of positivity and unity, the quartet effortlessly connects with the crowd with it's dance worthy pop grooves. The group is encouraging the crowd to let loose, reminding them that a Yam Haus show is a judgement free zone.

Clear Pioneer


Never settling for the ordinary, Clear Pioneer goes above and beyond to create striking vocals that delicately pair with each instrument. Each song effortlessly transitions from soft introspective pads to soaring rock choruses, all while maintaining strong pop sensibilities. Deeper listens reveal raw, candid lyrics toying with disillusionment, relationship struggles and the pains of their past, exorcising them in the process.
Crafted by Grant Clementi (lead vocals, guitar and synth), Jesse Carl (synth and bass), and Kyler Schmor (drums); Their sound can be most easily be categorized as Indie-Pop but, never settling for the ordinary, they pair electronic enhancements and synths to their melodic, yet raw, one-liners and catchy choruses for a genre-bending product that is “painted in ambient tones, resulting in an 80s-esque vibe” (Explain.News).

Skyline Sounds

(Madison, WI )

Skyline Sounds is beautiful melodies mixed with driving guitars, tight grooves and airy textures. New lovers, old friends and random happenstance combine to make an auditory cityscape guaranteed to blow you away, ever so softly.

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