Crystal Ranae

Genre: Hip-Hop

R&B singer/songwriter and dancer Crystal Ranae has been singing and dancing since the age 7 after being influenced by her cousin whom used to sing with her at various family functions.

Crystal Ranae started writing & taking her music serious at the age 14 when she was accepted at Milwaukee High School of Arts and started performing at teen shows via neighborhood events and school talent shows. Late September of 2017 Crystal Ranae released her first debut single entitled “All Night Long” on Itunes, and all major digital distribution stores.

Crystal Ranae has an amazing stage presence along with great vocal ability to stand with some of the best r&b acts in the industry. Stage performance is what makes Crystal Ranae stand out. She has Performed at such venues as Shank Hall, Potowatomi, Good Life, 414 Spot Light, & High Note throughout the Milwaukee, Wi. urban community and plans to expand her brand by traveling more & utilizing various online marketing outlets.

She practices avidly, and uses what she learned in dance class to execute dramatic hair raising performances. Crystal Ranae is dedicated to creating music that promotes passion in everything that impacts the lives of like minded people and those who have similar struggles. J Mytch, Doc Holiday & Joey Maurice are just a handful of the producers Crystal Ranae has worked with.

Although no artist collaborations to date, Crystal Ranae has plans on working with local & mainstream artist who have as much passion & dedication as she possess.

Brandy, Sade, Aaliyah, Tina Turner, Beyonce & Indie Arie are some of Crystal Ranae’s biggest musical influences so it’s no question as to why her image & music is so exquisite.

Crystal Ranae’s Motto Is:

“Do what you love, the money will come”

Crystal Ranae’s booking information can be found below, but make sure you keep up with this new up & coming r&b sensation.

Last updated on December 11th, 2019 at 11:51 pm