(Knoxville, TN)
Genre: Experimental
ICE (Knoxville, Tennessee native) is live electronic production (a one woman “band”) – composing samples in real time, manipulating her vocals through effects, and weaving in cassette tape ambiance with the addition of idiosyncratic projected 3D visuals. She manages to effectively synthesize a startling and unlikely combination of styles into an underwater sonic rodeo that is uniquely her own (think The Prodigy meets Enigma meets Dock Boggs).
“As a monument of St Louis electronic music, ICE’s influence is incomparable. A never-ending variety of uniquely eclectic performances render every show attended a life-changing experience. Visual stimulation, aural ecstasy, erratic prose and apocalyptic intentions fuse together into an amalgam of truth and bite. ICE is a legend, and we are honored to witness the force.” -Nebuloso
“[ICE] has built a varied sound that started with dark American folk and morphed into fierce dance music. Not that those genres go hand-in-hand, but [ICE] has managed to carve out songs that pander to no one but still feel accessible as a whole.” -Joseph Hess, Riverfront Times
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