Genre: Experimental
Soaring melodies and psychedelic jazz flurries of electric guitar guide a sonically charged quartet grounded firmly in the Chicago sound. Swirling group improvisations explore haunting, timeless musical landscapes with peak immediacy.
Midwestern guitarist Andrew Trim spent the last decade working primarily as a leader of his Chicago based avant jazz groups Hanami (Charles Rumback, Jason Stein, Mai Sugimoto) and Dim Lighting (Devin Drobka, Kurt Schweitz) and as a sideman with a variety of other midwest groups including The Aluminum Group, Ted Sirota’s Heavyweight Dub, Rock Falls and Lady Cannon. Backed by a brand new rhythm section that developed material with Trim on a monthly gig in Milwaukee and contributions from Chicago keyboardist Daniel Van Deurm they bring the music from their new instrumental album Retroreflector alive.
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