Sorry Eric

(Cincinnati, OH)
Genre: Punk

Over the past handful of years, Sorry, Eric has been quietly refining its take on Ohio post-punk. Led by deadpan, incisive songwriter and vocalist Eric Dietrich, and featuring Christina Cahalane on drums, Brian McCabe on Bass, and Nick Ruma on guitar, the band oscillates between the vulnerable and the biting, all the while throwing hooks in each observance. Their upcoming LP The Problem With Fun is the opposite of candy-coating, often summoning up pleasant existential aphorisms only to unmask them as untruths. This sandpaper truth-telling has been partially brought on by the COVID-19 crisis – where people were told things were okay, that they should just get jobs, that enthusiasm was warranted. We know differently. Thus “The Problem With Fun” – what makes you feel good may eventually fuck you up, and – despite our best attempts – eventually fucked up we will be.

Last updated on January 11th, 2023 at 11:15 am