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V.V. Lightbody

(Chicago, IL)
Genre: Indie Rock

Acrophase Records

Chicago’s V.V. Lightbody coined herself as “nap rock”, but she’s the first to admit how much
her sound is changing. “Make a Shrine or Burn It”, her much-anticipated Sophomore LP, comes
out May 1st, 2020 on Acrophase records.
Make a Shrine or Burn It is V.V. Lightbody’s most deliberate work yet. Much like the title, she
leaves cryptic metaphors behind, delivering songs with a stunning and almost bone-dry vocal.
The album explores the chaos of short-yet-meaningful relationships, anti-jealousy, existential
dread, bliss, anger, and the acceptance of reality. Expect to hear dark acoustic guitars, tight
snares, unhinged Farfisa solos, and in the place of flutes, stabbing saxophones. MASOBI
features cinematic string sections by Macie Stewart of OHMME, whose tear-worthy
arrangements were recently featured on Whitney’s Valleys. Engineered by Dave Vettraino (Lala
Lala, Makaya McCraven, Deeper), the record features some of Chicago’s most talented
musicians who often accompany her on stage.
V.V. Lightbody (Vivian McConnell) is a staple of the Chicago Music Scene. She has opened for
Whitney, Jeff Tweedy, Gia Margaret, Haley Heynderickx, Tasha, Bedouine, Shannon Lay, and
OHMME. She recently became a touring member of Lala Lala and has accompanied Chicago
acts such as Divino Niño, Accessory (Jason Balla of DEHD), and OHMME.
V.V. will be playing SXSW this year as well as touring in May to support “Make a Shrine or Burn It”

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