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Thu 07/23/20 — Thu 07/30/20
All Ages
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Film: For The Feral Splendor that Remains

For the Feral Splendor that Remains

A collection of works by Milwaukee based makers exploring emotional inheritance through moving image.

Programmed by Sofia Theodore-Pierce


Gravidity Part 1,  Sally Lawton, 2020

A meditation on how women traverse their own bodies, through pregnancy and the desires to be pregnant. Through the documentation of these stages and desires the questions arise, when do we consider a woman with child and how do women’s bodies come to matter? 

Cuentos Para Niños #2, Michelle Trujillo, 2019

An imagined origin story following El Coco; European colonizers’ most powerful weapon. Images were created on 16mm film through alternative techniques.

One Off, Sofia Theodore-Pierce, 2019

A glimpse of a mother’s face barely recognizable on a strip of super-8, provokes a deep dive into questions of emotional inheritance and the value of an imperfect document. Mining the gap between uncertainty and recognition, the film engages themes of reproduction, portraiture, and the act of journaling to keep track of the self. No container can contain her.

Too Much Fun, Grace Mitchell, 2020

“There are investigations going on about him having too much fun. It’s not definite what has happened. ”

Confrontations, Natasha Woods, 2019

 A rope, a picture, a letter, blowing in the wind, an active resistance of the past being over and done with. A merging of landscapes and unexplained doubles. Tracing a mother’s journey from Brazil to Iowa for a better life. A documented attempt to understand relationships of personhood, memory, life, and death.




For the Feral Splendor that Remains By CA Conrad For Kazim Ali+++++++

                                    sometimes I strain

                                         to hear one



            when gender blurs in a

         poem my world sets a

              tooth in the gear

               if god is in me

       when will I ask for

     my needs to be met

    every god is qualified

       it is not such a secret

       when I was afraid of the

            road I learned to drive

               map says name of

            your city in ocean

            line drawn to it

          towing behind

          the big party

   history of life on

      earth might be

      interesting to a

        visitor one day

 chewing parsley and

cilantro together is for

           me where forest

               meets meadow

                    in a future life

                   would we like to

                 fall in love with the

                    world as it is with

                       no recollection

                       of the beauty

                       we destroy





All proceeds will be donated to Alice’s Garden Urban Farm and Community Garden which provides models of regenerative farming, community cultural development, and economic agricultural enterprises for the global landscape. They recognize the cultivation, preparation, and preservation of food, and food traditions, as cultural arts to be reclaimed and celebrated fully in urban agriculture. The garden is located at 2136 N. 21st St in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

For the 2020 growing season, Alice’s Garden is in the midst of a fundraiser to raise $15,000 to install a brick pizza oven, install three Free Little Libraries, build a new performance stage, plant two rose gardens, purchase an outdoor generator, to purchase stain for all picnic tables and tool sheds, add new signage and fence art. Any and all support is appreciated.


Click here to donate directly to the site

send donations to Cactus Club Paypal with memo: Alice’s Garden & unselect “paying for goods and service”

or venmo @Natasha-Woods-1 with memo: Alice’s Garden


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