Creating a Healthcare Power of Attorney document for emergency medical situations

Sun 03/10/24

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Honored to host this important workshop again

Led by Julie Christenson (Nurse Practitioner) and Kelly Todd (Social Worker)

If you had a medical emergency, would your loved ones know your treatment wishes? Do you have a legal document that appoints a decision maker, should you be unable to communicate directly with your doctors? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, join us for a free, one-hour workshop on advanced directives for healthcare settings. We will:

•Complete your Health Care Power of Attorney document
•Discuss terminology, answer questions, clear up misconceptions
•Strategize ways to communicate medical wishes to loved ones


The subject is scary and overwhelming, but we can’t underscore how important and helpful this material is. Can’t overstate how rad and easy to talk to the organizers of this workshop are. We initially hosted this workshop February 23, 2020 which feels real surreal.

No rsvp necessary, bring a friend, share with anyone over 18 💘