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Thu 07/27/17

Astral/Subastral + CHEW + The November Criminals + Tapebenders


(Milwaukee, WI)

Since 2009, Astral/Subastral has pursued the perfect fusion of rock, world, groove, jazz, and modern dance music styles. The band creates an immerse live experience by utilizing multimedia, engaging local artists, dancers, spoken word poets and musicians while encouraging the audience to dance and drum along. Sweeping melodies, lush vocal harmonies and infectious rhythms create a sound and experience that transcends genres and resonates with a wide audience.


(Atlanta, GA)

“…the trio produces agile and fuzz-laden psych jams that veer into deeply heady territories, including everything from prog and acid rock to funk and downbeat. “Melt,” the first of two songs released by the band, treads a similar path to the illustrious psych-funk perpetuated by the crate diggers at Stones Throw.” -Creative Loafing

Brett Reagan (guitar/electronics), Snare-uh Wilson (drums) and Brandon Pittman (bass) make up CHEW, an experimental psych band from Atlanta, Ga.

This is a project, featuring 3 familiar faces from the Atlanta music scene. These humans have mutated into this freak out trio after playing with bands in the city for years. CHEW has relentlessly been playing shows since June of 2015 and will be touring to your hometown soon!

We use a sampler and analog synth mashed with live instrumentation to pull influences from all things psychedelic. The result is a hypnotic, electronic, spacewave experience.

November Criminals

(Milwaukee, WI)

The November Criminals proudly hold the title of the world’s only non- ironic Polka Hip Hop band. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the ensemble has a truly unique sound that mixes the power and energy of hip hop with the tradition and fun of polka. Forged in 2011 from the fires of Milwaukee's thriving open mic scene, the band comprises emcees Brümeister, Spade One and NTSC. Typical lyrical topics include beer, pirates, history, class struggle, anti-fascism, humanism and global unity.


(Milwaukee, WI)

If you follow local music and don't know the name Tapebenders, you may know it by its previous name, Elusive Parallelograms.

Still doesn't ring a bell? That's not for any lack of effort on its part. The ever-prolific psychedelic rock band released five EPs in a three-year span — three of them in 2012 — before a rebranding 18 months back.
"Elusive Parallelograms was a stupid name," said frontman, guitarist and band engineer Andrew Foys. "I got sick of trying to explain it to people, and some people couldn't spell the words. And it just felt like it was time to move on to something else." But Tapebenders didn't entirely escape its past. Its debut full-length, last year's "Chasing Ghosts," is a re-creation of older Parallelogram tracks to better match how they're performed live today. The work has already begun on the next album, which is being recorded, as were the previous releases, at Foys' home studio, dubbed Modulation Sound.

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