Beet Street 2019 ft. Sarah Shook & The Disarmers • TRUE Skool Alumni Medley with Melodic Prodigies + more • Retoro • Congo Gospel Music • DJ Dave Arnevik • Great Midwest Pie Championship • CC Video Shorts series debut!

Sat 10/12/19

Beta Feature: Screenshot Flyers

1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

The 4th Annual Beet Street Harvest Festival, a collaborative Bayview block party, returns Saturday, October 12 with a reliably eclectic lineup of music, community organizations, seasonal food and drinks, a film series, and more!


  • Palomino’s Great Midwest Pie Championship
  • Premiere of the Cactus Club Video Shorts series
  • Punk Rock Rummage Sale
  • Girls Rock MKE Punkin’ Contest




Beautiful poster designed by Matthew Goik

Show Lineup

Sarah Shook & The Disarmers

(Chapel Hill, NC)

North Carolina’s Sarah Shook sings with a conviction and hard honesty sorely lacking in much of today’s Americana landscape. Always passionate, at times profane, Sarah stalks/walks the line between vulnerable and menacing, her voice strong and uneasy, country classic but with contemporary, earthy tension. You can hear in her voice what’s she’s seen; world weary, lessons learned—or not—but always defiant. She level-steady means what she says. Writing with a blunt urgency—so refreshing these days it's almost startling—Sarah's lyrics are in turn smart, funny, mean, and above all, uncompromising. Sly turns of phrase so spot on they feel as old and true as a hymn. Anger that's as confrontational as it is concise. Humor that's as wry and resigned as a park bench prophet.

Melodic Prodigies

(Milwaukee )
Genre: Hip-Hop

Born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the rhapsodic, symbolic group Melodic Prodigies was born. Our music is a mixture of Hip-Hop and R&B with live instrumentation.


Genre: Indie Rock

Congo Gospel Music

Genre: Indie Rock

Recordings coming soon! Incredible ensemble of Congolese musicians resettling in Milwaukee, WI