Cabeza de Chivo • Gabacho • Death is a Business • Pen Pals

Sat 04/13/24
$15 ADV // $20 DOS

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Show Lineup

Cabeza de Chivo

Genre: Cumbia, Psych

4-piece psychedelic tropical band emerging from Chicago, Illinois and providing infectious rhythms since November of 2021. Guitar, bass, percussions, and organs meld seamlessly to deliver addictive dance instrumentals with an emphasis on melodic riffs and a driving rhythm section. Cabeza de Chivo incorprates multiple styles including cumbia, salsa, merengue, garage rock, surf, and dub.


(Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: Cumbia, Pop

Gabacho, the solo project of Mexican-American songwriter Siul Reynoso, presents a singular sound informed by the complexities of an equally singular identity. A uniquely memorable songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, Siul’s lo-fi surf rock gems are defined by his ability to balance and integrate American pop music with traditional Mexican styles like Ranchera and Cumbia to create something truly new.

Death is a Business

Genre: Funk, Jazz, Metal

From America to Mexico to Peru travels the nomadic band Death Is A Business. It’s hard to call our group a singular band since the lineup frequently changes. It can’t be helped however, as we experiment with genres from around the world.

The group’s sound incorporates musicians and instruments from around the world like the Afro-Peruvian cajon and the Andean flute.

We focus on humans’ relationship to the natural world, for subsistence and spiritual practice. We collaborate to tell stories inspired by and for the people. The artistic process involves relationship-building, deep listening (to those alive and dead), dream-making, and engaging in ritual and meditation. Ultimately we want to create beautiful powerful music and bridge cultural gaps.

Pen Pals

(Chicago, Illinois)
Genre: DJ

Pen Pals relentlessly digs through record stores far and wide, drawing from the rich variety of music that flows through Chicago. Matching vibes from musically disparate styles, from new-wave to soca, hi-fo to lo-fi and Tokyo to Glasgow: all to bring dance-floors together.