Cactus Club Independent Film Festival- Day 1

Thu 08/10/23
All Ages
$10-$20 Sliding Scale

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1:1 Square 9:16 Portrait

Opening night of Cactus Club Independent Film Festival. Doors 6pm.

Program 1: 6:30-8 

  1. For Mitchell Street, Dir. Harsh Gagoomal, Kayla Nickerson, Jack McDonaugh, Nick Marcinkiewicz, Julianna Okosun. Runtime 7:57
  2. Luck of the Turtles, Dir. Buthaina Abdul Karim Al Nasiri Runtime 8:37
  3. House on Cemetery Lane, Dir. Bowman B Simon. Runtime 7:30
  4. 3 Degrees, Dir. Ronnie Lee. Runtime 1:30
  5. In Order For a Dune to Form, Dir Jordy Brazo. Runtime 10:14
  6. Dreams Under Pressure, Dir. T.J. Blanco. Runtime 8:32
  7. Natural Disasters, Dir. Tiffany Jiang. Runtime 4:20
  8. Eating Soup with a Fork, Dir. Hanna Norberg-Williams. Runtime 4:18
  9. TODAY IS A VERY SPECIAL DAY, some-times, Dir. Matt Whitman. Runtime 9:26

Installations/Video Art  

  1. Imaginary Scene, Dir. Neda. Runtime 2:23
  2. Cervantine Videodance: Arirang, Cielto Lindo!, Dir. Héctor Maya. Runtime 4:02
  3. Guarda Vieja 3458 timbre 3/6. Dir. Karen Akerman, Miguel Seabra Lopes. Runtime 12:00
  4. Violent Textures of Nature and Flesh, Dir. Matthew Strasburger. Runtime 23:03
  5. Collector, Dir. Jeff Sermon. Runtime 14:34
  6. MMXXI (2 tapes), Dir. Zoe Chronis. Runtime 1hr
  7. VIVIDNESS BLOOMS, Dir. Laura Gills. Runtime 56:10

*Installations begin August 10th and run repeatedly throughout the festival (through Sunday, August 13th)