Cafuné • Bathe

Sat 02/25/23
$18 ADV // $20 DOS

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(Brooklyn, NY)
Genre: Pop

“cafuné” is a Brazilian-Portuguese word that roughly translates to “the act of running your finger’sthrough a loved one’s hair.” Sedona Schat and Noah Yoo came upon the word while in college in New York, where they met. The two didn’t anticipate that Cafuné’s debut EP Love Songs for Other People (2015) would connect with a Brazilian fanbase a continent away. Those listeners’ early passion was thespark to continue on. Throughout their debut album Running (2021), Cafuné embrace their blend ofalternative pop, soft rock, and shoegaze, anchored by Sedona’s dreamy vocals.


(Brooklyn, NY)
Genre: Soul

Bathe, the Brooklyn-based duo, is taking the music world by storm with their mesmerizing blend of “Surf R&B” — a fusion of psychedelic guitar riffs, ambient textures, and soulful vocals inspired by their Cuban and Afro-Caribbean roots. Emerging from the vibrant NYC community of groundbreaking Black artists, they first caught the attention of fans and critics with their 2019 EP “I’ll Miss You,” but it was their 2021 project “Bicoastal” that truly put them on the map. With over 10 million streams and counting, Bathe’s “Bicoastal” explores the theme of travel and the search for home through their signature dreamy, atmospheric sound and deeply personal lyrics.