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Wed 05/04/16

Death Valley Girls w/Tenement + TBA

Death Valley Girls


The satanic seed in rock n' roll is alive and well and it lives in California.This ain't the summer of love, peace is out...
Death Valley Girls will be the soundtrack to your trip to outerspace to create the new world were peace is in, rock n' roll is alive and there's no politicians to muck it up for the rest of us. Bonnie, Larry, Nicole & the Kid are Death Valley Girls from parts unknown but reside in Echo Park, CA.
Via telekenisis, portals and time travel the new album "Glow In The Dark" was created and is set to be released this summer on Burger Records. The ancient occult rituals performed to create "Glow In The Dark" are only known to individuals who have discovered the advertisement for the instructional handbook in the back pages of the April 1974 issue of CREEM magazine, recent searches for the ad from other bands have found the ad absent from any copies in circulation.
Burger Records released the first cassette "Street Venom" a couple years back, Lolipop Records followed up with a 7' inch single "Electric High"and French label April 77 released the 7' single "Death Valley Boogie" amongst a few other limited cassette releases from Burger/Lolipop.
Rock n' roll travelers DVG have been touring and recording non stop over the last couple years and have no plans on slowing down. They also have ties to a cult/commune called the Cosmic Underground, which deal in rock n' roll as lifestyle,occult practice and astrology, it's uncertain which started first.
Death Valley Girls believe outerspace is the next logical place for rock n' roll, the power supply is eternal, electricity comes from other planets.

"Death Valley Girls look like they moonlight as a biker gang and sound like a combination of riot grrrl attitude mixed with Link Wray fuzz appeal"- What Youth

"Like the twinkle in the eye of a cult leader, there's something glamorous about Death Valley Girls. Wangarden's voice is feral yet feminine, as though it's coming from the decapitated head of of a valley girl on her way to see Zeppelin"- Noisey


(Appleton, WI)

"Tenement, Appleton, Wisconsin's coolest punk outfit, has an upcoming LP, Bruised Music Vol. 2 which is their second collection of odds and ends tracks. The album, which follows up last year's Predatory Headlights, is out April 8th on Grave Mistake Records. Today the band is sharing the speedy pop punk gem, "Freak Cast In Iron."

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