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Sun 10/02/16

Destroyer Of Light w/ The Dead Morticians & Cold Ghosts

Destroyer of Light

(Austin, TX)

“These are officially some awesome riffs. There’s a bit of formula to them:

- start each song with EYEHATEGOD style feedback
- follow into a Sleep/Electric Wizard-style riff
- turn that into a swamp soaked, then desert dried mix of St. Vitus and Candlemass
- finally, end with a big heap of Crowbar and Autopsy
- for extra flavour: sprinkle liberally with growls and more feedback

That, by the way, is a compliment, and so is this: most of 5th track, ‘The Swamp’ sounds like what I imagine Mercyful Fate would be if King Diamond dropped from so much countertenor and did more baritone. ”

from Doom-metal.com

The Dead Morticians

(Milwaukee, WI)

Cold Ghosts

(Milwaukee, WI)
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